Western Australian Seafood

Ever since we arrived on the west coast we keep hearing about the amazing seafood and how great the fishing is, sounds great for a seafood lover doesn’t it!  Well it would be if you could find anywhere to eat it!

There are plenty of takeaway fish and chip shops, but a nice fresh seafood platter that isn’t covered in batter and deep fried is near impossible to find. Our meals at Finlay’s in Kalbarri were great, but it still wasn’t exactly what we (well mainly George!) had been looking for.

After arriving in Geraldton we went in search of a good seafood restaurant and yet again we couldn’t find one.

Yesterday we were looking through the shops and saw a sign for the Port View Restaurant and thought we’d check it out. The menu looked great, but again they didn’t have a seafood platter. The waitress said she would chat to the chef and see what he could do. Next minute the chef is out talking to us and asked what we wanted, and said he would be happy to do one for us with whatever seafood they had or could get for us.

We booked in on the spot for dinner last night! We arrived back at the restaurant a few hours later and were showed to our table and then joined by one of the owners. We chatted for a while and he explained that they had only opened a couple of weeks ago and were still settling in. He said they were more than happy to cater for our request as it was all part of the service and making their customers happy. They had even decided to add the platter to their specials menu!So the platter arrived and it looked great! George was happy! A full lobster, prawns, calamari, fish, scallops, salad and a yummy aioli. The seafood tasted amazing, so fresh.As well as the platter we also had bruschetta and a dessert each and we couldn’t fault the food, everything we had was amazing. Even the scallops, Shelly doesn’t generally eat these and she loved them! Everything seemed to have their own little twist to the flavour and they nailed it!We can’t thank the staff of Port View Restaurant enough for their food, service and willingness to accomodate our request. Go check out this restaurant if you are in Geraldton you won’t be disappointed – and the views over the water aren’t too bad either!

We wish you all the best in your new venture, you certainly have two happy and appreciative customers here!

Port View Restaurant – Level 3, Champion House, 87  Marine Terrace, Geraldton, WA.

3 thoughts on “Western Australian Seafood

  1. I am so glad you guys enjoyed your meal!! Thankyou both for such a great write up. I hope we can accomodate you again some time!Tim Zubin, chef and part owner.

    • No worries at all, always happy to promote great service and businesses. It was amazing and really appreciated it at such short notice! Hope it becomes a popular dish for you, good luck with everything.

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