The Rover Trail

The Rover Trail 4WD track at Coffs Harbour really is one of the must do tracks for any 4WD enthusiast visiting the area. It’s a great track that gives you a little bit of everything, including very steep hill climbs and descents and lots of very deep ruts.

With these obstacles and its clay base, this isn’t the type of track you’d want to be stuck on during wet weather.

img_8409Coffs Harbour is known for its great 4WD tracks, and with names such as Morbid Trail, Commando Trail and Widow Maker, just to name a few, that tends to give you an idea of what some of the terrain might be like!

Not really sure what we were expecting with this track, but it was definitely challenging.


We both had more than capable vehicles and appropriate recovery equipment, including a winch on Mark’s 4WD, so we were prepared for whatever came our way.

It certainly wasn’t for the inexperienced 4WDer though and I wouldn’t head out there without at least one other vehicle with you.

We spent nearly the whole track with lockers on and it was slow going trying to manoeuvre around the obstacles and track building to help us through.

At times the hill climbs were near vertical and you could only see the sky – this is an interesting driving experience when you can’t see the track to know what’s coming up! This is where walking first and/or having a spotter outside the vehicle is required.

There were some serious leans due to the ruts and this was slightly concerning at times when you had a big drop off down one side and a rock wall on the other! The chance of some panel damage was definitely likely on this track, but luckily we both made it through unscathed.img_8421

The track itself isn’t very long, but due to the condition and needing to constantly stop to assess which line to take and having a spotter to guide the driver, it probably took us a few hours to complete it.  We didn’t have any serious issues though, but we only had two vehicles, so do be prepared and leave plenty of time to complete this track, particularly if you have more vehicles in your group to make it through.

As we were the first ones through we realised after the fact that we don’t really have any photos of our 4WD on the track, as each time we stopped to help Mark with directions and guide him through, it was his vehicle that we were taking photos and videos of!



All up we’d describe this as a very fun, yet challenging track…highly recommended for experienced 4WD enthusiasts. A vehicle with high clearance, low range, lockers and a winch would be recommended.




2 thoughts on “The Rover Trail

  1. Looks like quite the ride. This reminds me of a stretch of the Iron Range Off-Road Park (think proving ground) called roller coaster because it had lots steep climbs and descents and tons of cross axle fun. That being said, this looks a little more extreme and if it looks that way in pictures it was way worse in reality.

    The video really made a big difference, but next time please tell the camera man to turn the camera horizontal.

    Situations like these make me glad I have sold axles all around. The extreme arcticulation all around makes the Deep ruts more manageable, helps you focus on your line. Unfortunately, my rig doesn’t have Lockers yet (weird American way of thinking but most of the Jeep Wranglers don’t have them and they are only available on the top Rubicon Model.) ARB Air lockers front and rear, a rear gear and chromally axle shafts are in my future.

    I can’t wait for your next trip.

    • Like you said, it’s always hard to capture it in pictures, the tracks never look anywhere near as bad in pics as when you are there tackling the track! This was certainly a fun little track, tests your skills and your vehicle.

      We have the ARB Air Lockers on both of our Prados and can’t fault them, maybe the best mod we’ve done. There are plenty of tracks we’ve been on that we have managed to get through without a winch, thanks to the lockers. Highly recommended mod in our opinion!

      As for next trip ….. maybe the odd weekend drive, but otherwise we’ll be at Fraser Island at Easter, so should have some good pics from there

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