Tasmania ….. it’s a wrap!

So this is it, our last blog post on our Tassie trip, hope you all enjoyed reading about our visit!

Our first visit to Tasmania and to say we loved it would be an understatement.  This place is beautiful, the views are amazing and it’s filled with history and stories of life of days gone by.  Just as you think it can’t get any better, you turn that next corner and again you feel yourself saying ‘wow’.


We left early on a Thursday morning for our flight and arrived in Hobart to a cloudy, overcast and rainy morning, not the start to our holiday that we wanted.


Luckily for us the cloud quickly burnt off and it turned into a glorious day ….. as were the next 4 days aswell.

We were so incredibly lucky with the weather, apparently they were having a mini heat wave and we just managed to arrive in the middle of it which was perfect for us!

The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, the scenery was spectacular and the food was delicious, what more could you possibly ask for.

Now 5 days in Tasmania is nowhere near enough time, but it’s all we had and of course we made the most of it.  The black line on the map below shows where we travelled during our stay, so yeah we did a bit of driving!


Before we left Shelly’s dad had said ‘watch out for all the roadkill’.  Now the last time he had been down there was before Shelly was born (so over 40 years ago!) and with all the outback travel we do, we thought we knew all about roadkill and it wouldn’t surprise us.  Boy were we wrong!  There are dead animals everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!  You drive 2 minutes from the city centre and there is roadkill, the highways are full of it and get onto the smaller country roads and it only gets worse.  So note to everyone, watch out for the roadkill!


As you could imagine, with all the roadkill around, this obviously means there are lots of little animals running around after dark so we were not overly excited about driving home from Cradle Mountain in the dark … this is where the 4WD with its spot lights, lightbar and bull bar comes in handy!  You don’t feel quite as safe and secure in a little Toyota Corolla!


Who said Corolla’s can’t go 4WDing!


Hopefully next time we visit Tasmania will be with the Prado and camper and we will spend significantly longer there as, although we covered a lot in a few short days, you could easily spend a month or more exploring and doing some 4WDing.

So what was our absolute favourite thing about Tasmania?

George’s highlight was visiting Port Arthur, although we will go back again as we didn’t have long enough to fully explore.  He loved every part of Tasmania and was astounded by how picturesque and full of history it was.

Shelly’s highlight was visiting Devils @ Cradle and being able to pat a Tasmanian Devil, Port Arthur was a very close second.  She too was blown away by the ever-changing scenery and how incredibly beautiful it is.


We also managed to knock off a couple of ‘Big Things’ for our list, the Big Cherry and the Big Platypus, both in Latrobe.


The one and only thing we didn’t enjoy about Tasmania was how narrow the roads were and how many people insist on driving on the wrong side of the road.  You have no idea the amount of near misses we had, the amount of times we came around a corner to have a car heading straight for us.  Please be careful people.

After our visit, we now don’t know why it took us so long to visit Tasmania and we can’t wait to go back.  Make sure this is on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit ….. just one of many magical places Australia has to offer.



Tell us what you think!