Windjana Gorge 

In the wet season this area would look totally different to how we saw it, as the Leonard river runs straight through Windjana Gorge.  As the water starts to dry up it forms pools which are home to many freshwater crocodiles.


We were very excited about visiting this place as you are guaranteed to see crocodiles during your gorge walk, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!  We camped here overnight, arrived around lunchtime and went for a walk in the late afternoon.  A fairly easy walk starts from the camping area and takes you through the gorge for about 3.5 km.


The guy above was sitting there with another crocodile when we walked up, the other one swam off and this one stayed there for us to take photos! He then climbed up onto the sand for a sun bake and pose for more photos!


Apart from the crocodiles, there is also fossilised marine life preserved in the limestone walls of the gorge. 


Windjana Gorge is another of the spiritual places for the local Aboriginals of the area, the Bunuba people. ‘Wandjina’ are the spirits that reside here.  Wandjina is to the Aboriginals like God is to us.

The spelling of this was misrecorded back in the day and hence the gorge was named Windjana, rather than Wandjina.


Visiting Windjana Gorge and seeing the crocodiles was just another highlight of our trip ….. just another to add to the growing list!


The Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road is one of Australia’s unique 4WD challenges, and one that we had always wanted to conquer and tick off the bucket list!

The legendary stock route of 660km runs right through the heart of the Kimberley.  It was originally built for droving cattle from Wyndham to Derby.  Now it’s one of those epic 4WD adventures that is on all true 4WD enthusiasts bucket list.

We just spent the past week travelling the Gibb and exploring the magnificent gorges and waterfalls, travelling through aboriginal communities, 4WDing some great tracks, reliving history, meeting lots of people …… and having the shit shaken out of us, the Prado and the trailer! You have no idea how bad some of the roads are!

the bar at El Questro

Our first stop was at El Questro.  This place was amazing and we could have easily spent a week there.

swimming hole at El Questro

Next we spent a couple of days staying at Mt Elizabeth Station, exploring their private gorges that are only available to people staying on their property.

Crossing the Pentacost River (disappointed it was so low!)

We spent the night at the Silent Grove campsite in the national park at Bell Gorge.  Great campground and close to the gorge aswell.

Shelly’s own gorge! – Barnett River Gorge

We then spent a night camped in the national park at Windjana Gorge. This gorge is full of crocodiles and we got lots of photos of them during our walk, one was happily sun baking up on the beach allowing all us tourists to take photos with him!

crocodiles at Windjana Gorge

Yesterday on our way to Fitzroy Crossing, we stopped in to walk Tunnel Creek, another amazing experience walking through a pitch black tunnel, along sand and through the water, all while keeping an eye out for the bats and freshwater crocodiles that call the cave home!

Windjana Gorge

Now all of the above deserves a lot more detail and photographs, so we will do seperate blog posts for each location over time, but that’s a brief outline of our last week or so on the Gibb! We could have easily spent a month or more exploring this area as we only just scratched the surface ….. maybe we need another trip!

To say that we enjoyed the past week is an understatement!