Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools is one of the more isolated destinations on the island and you’ll find it on the eastern side, just past Indian Head. Once at the car park it’s a short walk via the boardwalk and stairs to get down to the pools.

Champagne Pools are just beautiful and you really must visit if you have the time. This is a group of naturally formed swimming holes which have formed among the rocks and as each wave crashes along the rocks, it foams and cascades down into the swimming holes.

With each wave, cool water bubbles and fizzes around you, creating the Champagne-like feeling.

To see this in it’s full glory you need to time your visit outside of low tide, but not at full high tide!

Due to the more remote location of the Champagne Pools, the travel time it takes to get there and the eastern beach being inaccessible at high tide, you must plan your visit well and check tides before heading here.

Champagne Pools and Sandy Cape

Easter Sunday commenced with another beautiful sunrise, who couldn’t be happy after starting your day like this.

Of course the day started off with chocolate as well, the Easter Bunny didn’t forget about us all! 🐰

It was an early start as we raced the tide up to Indian Head to spend our day exploring the tip of the island.

First stop of the day was at Champagne Pools. Champagne Pools would have to be one of our favourite places on the island. In fact the whole top end and western beach are amazing.

Champagne Pools is made up of numerous swimming holes which form amongst the rocks.  As the waves crash over the rocks, the foam rolls down and into the water, forming a champagne-like effect.

After a swim at Champagne Pools we were all back in the 4WD’s for a drive along the sandy inland track to Orchid Beach.

From Orchid Beach we then continued on towards the infamous Ngkala Rocks.  These rocks display one of the island’s largest exposures of coffee rock.

Ngkala Rocks are a well known area of Fraser Island and one that should only be attempted by experienced and capable 4WDers and vehicles.  The conditions constantly change depending on weather and the amount of 4WDs that have gone through, and many people get stuck here. It is basically a one lane track so you really don’t want to be meeting people halfway along.  But it’s a great place to sit and watch people attempting to drive through!

We have crossed Ngkala Rocks many, many times over the years and never had a problem, but this year it got us! A short amount of digging, airing down and using the Maxtrax and we were out.  Not so enjoyable for Shelly was the walk back down the track to the beach carrying the Maxtrax, while trying to dodge the next 4WD flying down the track!

After arriving at Sandy Cape we all had lunch and a beer, while the kids had a swim.  We then started the long journey back to camp, including being stuck on the north side of Ngkala Rocks for another 45min or so as there were new 4WD’s bogged!