Things you didn’t know about George

ONE – Both of my parents were both born in Egypt, but moved to Australia before I was born.  I have an older sister and I also have two adult children.

TWO – I really have no desire to travel overseas as we have so much here to explore in Australia.  In fact, I didn’t even leave Australia or get a passport until 2011 when Shelly wanted to take me on my first cruise.


THREE – My first car was a purple 1972 Ford Capri.  My parents actually purchased it for my sister and I and it was such a cool little car.   Unfortunately it didn’t last very long as it got stolen from in front of our unit.  Police recovered it a week later with no interior whatsoever, no door trim, no seats, no steering wheel …. it was completely stripped out!  Such a shame as it had been a great little car and in excellent condition.

FOUR – The first, and only, time I rode a motorbike I was on a Postie Bike.  The bike had come into the workshop to get a service and the boys told me to jump on it and ride it into the workshop.  Unfortunately I gave it a little bit too much throttle and almost lost the bike into the brick wall.  In the process I damaged my left knee and had problems walking for the next six weeks!  Not surprisingly I never had the desire to jump on another bike!

FIVE – I love sim racing (simulation) on the PS4.  I have a full set up at home (which my beautiful Shelly even lets me keep in the loungeroom!) and I spend a lot of time racing online.  I’ve always loved racing and used to own a Honda Integra which I often raced on the track or at the drags.

SIX – I haven’t been on television as much as Shelly, but I did appear on a segment of 4WD TV a few years ago, you can see the link here on our website.

SEVEN – Gelly & Charli aren’t the first staffys i’ve owned.  My first was a little English Staffy pup called Zon.  She escaped from our yard and the neighbours said that someone had picked her up off the street and we never saw her again 🙁  Next we got a big black staffy which I believe was a half English & half American staffy.  My ex and I adopted her from the pound as a 1 year old and we fell in love with her immediately.  We named her Deb, which means bear in Arabic.

EIGHT – I’ve flown a real plane!  The flight actually counted towards my first flying hours.  It was a little Cesna and I flew and landed unassisted (the pilot was there with controls if needed!).


NINE – Back in 1997 I attended a day out at a go-kart venue with work (for legal reasons I can’t disclose the name of the venue!).  We had a great morning racing around and it came time to pull into the pits.   I pulled in, jumped on the brakes and ……… NOTHING!  …… no brakes ……. BANG! I crashed into a wall and broke my ankle.  What started out as a fun morning out with workmates ended with being rushed to hospital in an ambulance, an operation and continual problems to this date.   At the time the doctor said that I had done a one in 1 million breakage and I was lucky that I didn’t damage the cup in which the bone sat.

TEN – I have owned more than 20 cars in my lifetime.  I have always been a Ford man so a lot of my cars were Fords!  I’ve owned a Ford Falcon XE, XB and XY and a Ford Fairlane ZD.  The one and only new car that I have ever purchased was a brand-new Suzuki Swift GTi.

ELEVEN – My dream car is a 1965 Ford Mustang GT350.   A few years ago Shelly surprised me with a joy ride in a GT500 (Eleanor replica).

TWELVE – I have worked all my life in the automotive industry, I’ve managed mechanical workshops, performance workshops and tyre stores.  I’m currently working in sales as an Account Manager selling wheels for the 4WD market.

THIRTEEN – One of my funniest moments growing up was when my friend and I jumped in the boot of a mate’s Ford Escort to go to the drive-ins, in the hope of getting in for free!  Well we didn’t get in for free, we were busted and told to get out of the boot and leave the premises immediately!

FOURTEEN – I have a love for Australian history, in particular the early explorers.  I also love the history of old shipwrecks.  There is so much to learn and it’s amazing to see what they all endured and overcame to make their mark on history.

FIFTEEN I love trying new things and have driven a V8 Supercar, driven WRX and V8 Holden Ute Rally cars, been in a Stunt Car, flown a plane as mentioned above, been a passenger in V8 dirt buggies, was a passenger on a hot lap with Bruce Garland (Bruce participated in multiple Dakar rallies), flown in a helicopter and seaplane and experienced flying a Boing 737 via a flight simulator (same as what the pilots train on).

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Things you didn’t know about Shelly

Following on from our ‘All about George & Shelly‘ blog, here’s a few things most of you wouldn’t know about Shelly!

ONE – My first cat was called Yoyo, because apparently that was one of the few words I could say at the time.  Unfortunately she was hit by a car so mum and dad bought me a new cat and guess what, I called her Yoyo as well!


This is me with Yoyo (number 1!) and King, the dog

TWO – I LOVE hot chips, I could eat them with every meal. Chips with chicken salt, chips with gravy, chip sandwiches …… actually anything that involves potato is great!  I think I actually have a chippy compartment in my stomach where it doesn’t matter how full you are, you can always fit in chips ….. I know I’m not the only person who has this!  In case you were wondering, I’ve done extensive chip testing across Australia and so far the best chips I’ve found were at the Innamincka Hotel, outback SA and the best Chips and Gravy is at the Archer River Roadhouse in Cape York!

THREE – I’m allergic to bees and sandflies, but mosquitos don’t touch me.  I hate big spiders and absolutely hate cockroaches, they freak me out big time!

FOUR – I’ve met lots of celebrities over the years and have an old autograph book filled with signatures.  Most well-known Australian celebrities would be Danni Minogue, Johnny Young (Young Talent Time), Peter Brock, Fifi Box, Tim Freedman and The Whitlams, Mark Geyer, Simon Townsend (we were actually friends with the whole family, including Woodrow the dog!).


FIVE – I do lots of courses to learn random things, many that I’ll probably never really use in life, but I love learning new and different things! I’ve done Genealogy, 4WD Driver Training, Cake Decorating, Belly Dancing, Burlesque dancing, Jazz, Ballroom & Swing Dancing,  Indigenous Studies, Arabic, Barista Course.

SIX – Years ago one McHappy Day I was at our local McDonalds with a friend when we met Mark Geyer and Jacin Sinclair and some of the other Balmain Tigers NRL players that were doing a celebrity appearance. We ended up chatting to them and they drove us back to my mate’s house and invited us to go watch them train.  My dad has always been a huge Tigers fan, so I asked could they stop by my house and go and say hi to dad and they were more than happy to do so …. unfortunately for dad though, he’d popped up the shops and missed them!  Looking back now, I think of how silly we were to jump in a car with a bunch of random guys we didn’t know, but I guess we did a lot of silly things when we were young, especially when you had a bunch of good-looking famous boys in front of you!

SEVEN – I name my cars! My first car was a little purple 1993 Ford Festiva called ‘Freddie’.  Everyone knew Freddie and many called him by name, I loved that car!  My next car was a Proton Satria GTi called ‘Sally’.  I loved Sally too, even with all her squeaks and rattles.  It was a special kind of love and only a Proton owner would know what I’m talking about!  The 4WD’s don’t have names, well the green one is commonly known as ‘The Old Girl’ and the new one is ‘The Beast’, but that was more George than me – see what happens when he names a car, it’s not quite as personal is it!

EIGHT – I was a State and National Baton Twirling champion. I won titles at both levels as an individual and also as a team, in fact our team was undefeated National champions for many years before our retirement.

NINE – I love cemeteries!  I could spend hours walking around a cemetery and looking at the old graves, the older the better.  It’s a rare holiday if we don’t find at least one old cemetary to stop by.


TEN – If I could have dinner with anyone who has passed on I’d love to meet Peter Brock (well I did actually meet him once, but I’d love to spend more time with him and have a proper conversation). I’d also love to meet my great-grandmother, Elizabeth.  I never met her, she died many, many years before I was born, but I’ve always felt like I’ve had a connection to her.  Every day I wear her wedding ring, my grandmother’s wedding ring and my mother’s wedding ring.


And it goes without saying that of course I’d love to see my beautiful mummy one more time, I miss her every single day and wish she was still with us.  Nothing can ever replace the love of your mum, there is so much she has missed out on and so much I wish I could share with her.


ELEVEN – I used to have three pet rats called Jimmy, Jayden & Slater.

TWELVE – ‘Froggy’ was given to me as a baby/toddler and he has been with me ever since and comes on every holiday with us, wherever I go, Froggy is there too!


THIRTEEN – My dream car is a Valiant Charger E49 or E38, I love my old Aussie muscle cars and hope to one day own a Charger, which of course would be parked next to my other dream car, a Lotus Elise.  My love of Chargers is so great that we spent months looking for one to use as our wedding car and finally found a bright yellow one, which I absolutely loved!.


FOURTEEN – I’ve been on TV many times over the years. My TV appearances started early when I was on Romper Room with Miss Helena!  Over the years I’ve been on the news a few times, as well as Young Talent Time, Simon Townsend’s Wonder World, Wombat and I’m sure there were others that I can’t remember now.

FIFTEEN – I absolutely love John Farnham and have been going to his concerts for years …. yes even his ‘last time’ concerts ….. and the subsequent ones!!!  Our most recent concert was an outdoor event at Kiama which saw us sit through torrential rain, hail, thunder, lightening and gale force winds just to see the headline act of John Farnham!

……… Stay tuned for ‘Things you didn’t know about George’.