Tackling the Tele – Musgrave Roadhouse

Musgrave was first built as an overland telegraph station in 1887 and was named after Sir Anthony Musgrave who was Governor of Queensland from 1883-1888.  Musgrave was one of six telegraph stations built to pick up and repeat signals down the wire between Cape York and Cooktown.  Today, this is the only telegraph station on the peninsula that still remains.


Musgrave Roadhouse is located about half way between Cairns and the tip, so it’s a convenient stop over point.  There is a large camping area of unpowered sites, cabins, amenities block and café and bar.

There is also an old school coin operated public pay phone.  This was entertaining watching as Tas made her first phone call back home on a payphone!  Funny to think that not that long ago these phones were our only point of contact when we were kids, yet a 13 year old had no idea what it was or how to use it as she’s grown up in the age of technology and mobile phones!  Did that make us feel old ….. yeah it did!


Never one to pass up the chance to play with animals, Shelly couldn’t wait to pat the horses!

We all enjoyed a break from camp cooking and had a meal and a few drinks in the café.

The billabong just behind the camping area is home to quite a few freshwater crocodiles, you can’t see them in this photo, but there were a few in the water and one sunning itself on the bank.



How sad that a sign like this is even needed ….. what the f**k is wrong with people


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