Moreton Island

Yesterday we arrived on Moreton Island for our 3 night stay.  This part of the trip we are spending with our friends Danny and Cat and their two young children.

After arriving on the island we proceeded straight to our campsite to set up the camper trailer and tent.  We are staying in the Ben-Ewa camping area which is just behind the beach but, as with a lot of national park camping grounds, the sites are well set out and this zone even has toilet facilities.

After lunch we all took a drive down the beach and then crossed to the eastern side of the island for a look.

We arrived back on the western beach just in time for sunset, which turned out perfectly for Shelly to take yet more photos!

Day one on the island is over, but we still have plenty of exploring to do.  Hopefully the fact that we both got bogged (at the same time, but on different tracks!) today isn’t a bad omen for the rest of the trip!

2 thoughts on “Moreton Island

  1. Both rigs getting bogged is bad both rigs getting stuck would be worse. I’d say it’s better for something small to happen early than something big sneak up on you.

    • Very true, luckily we both had recovery gear and all, so nothing too major for both of us.

      Although it was amazing how many people on the island were getting caught out and had no recovery gear, no tyre pressure gauges, hadn’t let pressures down etc

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