Kalbarri is a little seaside town located on the Murchison River and surrounded by national park and it’s just beautiful. You can drive the coast road along the water and in and out of lookouts along the way, or you can drive through the national park and visit it’s inland gorges, it’s simply stunning.

The Murchison River is 820km long and is the second largest river in WA. It’s catchment area is larger than Tasmania!

We had 3 nights in Kalbarri and it was enough to see all the sights we wanted to, but had the weather been warmer it would be lovely to spend longer here and head to the beach or hire a boat or canoe to cruise around the river.


View from Ross Graham lookout

Kalbarri National Park covers an area of 186,000 hectares and the rock formations in the park are up to 400 million years old. There are a few lookouts in this park that give you a great view over the land and gorges.


View from Hawks Head lookout




A visit to ‘Natures Window’ was a definite, perfect photo opportunity as the window perfectly frames the river. We had visited a much smaller version of this in Broome.


Natures Window



Nearly trod on this little guy

Coastal Cliffs Drive is a lovely way to spend a few hours.  The scenery along the coastline on this drive is pretty spectacular, a few of our photos are shown below, but there were a lot more than this taken!


Natural Bridge


Island Rock


Yes we get a little bored sometimes, the photos below are George trying to stage a ‘falling off the cliff’ photo to scare his mum!  The laughter and smiles on his face in some of the photos didn’t help with making it look realistic!



View looking towards the town

While in Kalbarri we went to visit Rainbow Jungle .  Now George wasn’t too excited about visiting another bird park, but he ended up enjoying it just as much as Shelly did!  The owners of this park have done an amazing job, it’s just beautiful and the birds all look very happy.

As you wander around the paved pathways you see various birds from parrots to cockatiels to galahs and macaws.  The park is landscaped with waterfalls and bridges and ponds, it’s very well done.IMG_8097George had helped one of the workers to hang up a breeding box, so as his reward he got to feed the macaws ….. which he wasn’t too excited about!  For those that don’t know, George isn’t too fond of birds and their beaks as he and our old rainbow lorikeet, Marshall, didn’t really get along too well!


George feeding the macaw an almond

IMG_8108IMG_8111The park also has a maze connected to it, so being the big kids that we are, we purchased tickets to that as well.  We ended up racing each other out, Shelly won.  George thinks she cheated, but he just can’t face the fact that he’s a loser!


Racing each other through the maze

Hutt Lagoon.  This is known as the pink lake, for obvious reasons! It gets its pink colour from the presence of the carotenoid producing algae, Dunaliella Salina.  It was actually a lot pinker that it appears in the photos.IMG_8148IMG_8154

Now for weeks George has been looking for a good seafood meal, not fried fish from a fish & chip takeaway, but a good sit down seafood meal. You would think that travelling along the coast where they have awesome fishing would make this an easy find …. think again!

Anyway the other night he got his fix of seafood, and in the most unlikely place! Finlay’s Fresh Fish BBQ is hidden away in the back streets of Kalbarri, it’s like you are walking into someone’s house. This isn’t your typical restaurant dining experience, far from it!It’s all very relaxed and chilled and very rustic with lots of old bikes and motors etc sitting around the place. There is a big bonfire burning in the middle (for which they sell marshmallows to toast over there!) and there are plastic garden furniture tables and chairs scattered around. Meals come on plastic disposable plates and you simply chuck them in the otto bin once you’re done! Help yourself to the salad bar and best of all its BYO alcohol, so we went back to the car and grabbed some beers out of the fridge! This all started when the Finlay family created G.B.F, Gantheaume Bay Fisheries and proceeded to export fish globally. After some issues in the late 80’s with the pilot strike they decided to create their own market and Finlays Fresh Fish BBQ was born.Great food, well priced and good atmosphere, like nothing we’ve ever been to before, it was literally like you were at a party in someone’s backyard! 

Oh, and Shelly ate a fly today!



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