It’s finally here!

It’s finally arrived, our new camper trailer is here!  We had been talking for years about buying one ‘one day’!  We had looked at many at various 4WD shows and probably researched every single brand during that time.  Earlier this year we finally we decided to take the leap and buy one and we both agreed to go for a Cub Camper.


Picking up from Cub Campers, North Rocks

There were quite a few camper trailers we liked the look of, but we always came back to the Cub.  There are plenty on the market that are a lot cheaper than ours in price (and certainly a lot more expensive aswell), a lot of the others have more ‘things’ like hot water, showers etc,  but we didn’t need all of that.  We’ve spent years camping in a tent, so we didn’t need all the little luxuries.
IMG_3884We liked the Cub Campers because they are Australian Made, using Australian products, including 100% Aussie Bluescope steel and Aussie made canvas.  These things are built to last and handle our outback environment and that’s what we need. We liked the fact that they are made using Australian made products that we know can handle our weather and environmental conditions.

So, a few months back we took a trip to their factory in North Rocks and had a serious chat with them and decided to go ahead, we left our deposit and they started to build our little camper!  We got a ‘Brumby’ because it is a full off road version and it’s quite small and light in weight.

After a few months wait for it to be built, we finally have our little camper home with us and are enjoying packing it and making it our own, as well as practicing our setup and pack up, ready for our holiday!  Below are a few pics of the camper, inside and out.

So far, we are happy with our camper and can’t wait to go on our trip to WA together!  Stay tuned for our adventures ……..


Even the dogs wanted to help play with the camper!

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