Tackling the Tele – Old Telegraph Track (Waterfalls)

Fruit Bat Falls are spectacular and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular spot on the Old Tele Track.  It’s one of the major highlights and ‘must visit’ places of the whole cape region.  Last time (and for most of this visit) we were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves, but it’s generally full of people.


Pic from our last trip as the day was a little overcast this time, as you’ll see below!

After a tough, hot and dirty day on the tracks, this is the perfect spot to relax and have a swim.   It’s such a beautiful area and what a great experience it is to swim under a waterfall, that’s something everyone wants to do, right?!


There are plenty of waterfalls in far North Queensland and they are all stunning in their own way. Some are spectacularly high and ferocious, some are small, some are accessible for swimming, some aren’t. Fruit Bat Falls is a low, wide waterfall with a large area of crystal clear water perfect for a refreshing swim.


From Fruit Bat Falls it was a relatively short drive to our camp for the night at the national park campsite at Eliot Falls.  We were all eager to set up camp and then make our way down to the next set of waterfalls.



A short walk from the campsite and you will find the equally stunning Eliot Falls and Twin Falls, another two spots that offer apparent crocodile free swimming.


This area is a photographers dream, you really have no idea how breathtaking and pristine this area is until you visit.


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