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We all love to pry into other people’s lives, right?! Well here’s your chance to find out who George and Shelly really are.  You read all about our travels and what we have been up to, but we thought it might be fun to get to know us a little better, so here goes ……..


Shelly is our ‘organiser’.  She is responsible for majority of our trip planning, accommodation bookings and research for our trips.  She is one of the most organised people you would ever meet, with lists and spreadsheets and folders available for every part of our trips!  She is also our social media expert, our blog writer and photographer.

George on the other hand is responsible for everything to do with the 4WD’s and camper trailer.  We never leave home without a fully serviced vehicle with only the best of everything.  Ensuring that we are safe and the vehicles are mechanically safe and sound is George’s no 1 priority.  George will happily spend hours, days or even longer researching new ‘things’ for our 4WD’s.


We met back in 2003 when George was managing a performance mechanical workshop and Shelly took her car in there to have some mods done …. Shelly got more than your usual amount of phone calls about her car while it was in the workshop for that week!


Funny story is that we did actually initially meet way back in 1997, George remembered meeting Shelly, but he obviously didn’t make much of an impression on her at the time as she doesn’t remember him at all!  The first meeting was with Shelly’s other car, her parents paid to have her car lowered and some other work done for her 21st birthday.  George was in charge of wrapping the car in a big ribbon!

Fast forward to 2003.  George had just moved back to Sydney and gone back to his old job and in walks Shelly to query about getting extractors on her new car. To be honest, Shelly couldn’t have looked worse that day, she was unwell and certainly wasn’t out to make an impression at all ….. and George happily clarifies that she definitely didn’t make any impression! Our next meeting a few days later was a different story though and look at us now!

We married in 2013 in a beautiful relaxed ceremony at Richmond and a reception back at our house, it was the perfect day with family and friends and the perfect mix of fun, love and laughter.


We live in Sydney with our two dogs, our English Staffy, Gelly and American Staffy, Charli.  Gelly is the most stubborn, lovable, opinionated and vocal dog you’ll ever meet, we’ve never known a dog with as much personality as Gelly! Charli on the other hand is our little problem child.  She came to us with a number of problems that have taken us years to help her overcome, she destroys everything she can get her teeth or paws on (gardens, pool tables, 4WD mud flaps and trailer wiring, fences, shoes, clothing, fish pond filter) and if that wasn’t enough she also suffers severe separation anxiety and was even on puppy Xanax for a while!

Between the two of them we’ve had a broken leg (lucky us, we got the dog with a one in a million break …. what does that mean you ask? Well that means a top surgeon and a very expensive vet bill!). We’ve also had two torn cruciate ligaments, a torn meniscus and even a suspected snake bite (which turned out to be that Charli had probably choked Gelly by pulling on her collar and caused a retinal haemorrhage!) ….. let me tell you, all of this adds up to some very expensive vet work, lucky we love them.

We also have Bob (17 years old!) and Al the Cockatiels, Dodge the frog, Sam the snake and numerous fish!

We obviously love 4WDing and camping, but we also really enjoy our cruises and have done quite a few over the years.  During our down time we love nothing more than spending time with the dogs, whether that’s at home or jumping in the car to go for a drive somewhere, they both love the car and love 4WDing and being in the bush.


We also love spending time with friends, a backyard BBQ or a visit to the pub is our idea of a good night.  Don’t get us wrong, the odd night at a top restaurant or a weekend at the Palazzo Versace is amazing and we do this every now and then, but as a general rule we don’t need all the fancy things, as long as we are with each other, family or friends, we are happy.


We own two Toyota Prado’s, a 150 series which is our touring vehicle and tows our Cub Brumby camper trailer, and a 90 series which has retired from touring and is now Shelly’s daily driver and our weekend 4WD trips vehicle.



You all know that we love to travel and go exploring, but another thing we enjoy doing is experiencing new things together.  It’s always been the one thing that we love, over the years we’ve both exposed each other to different things we love and shared many new joint experiences.  This can be anything from climbing the Harbour Bridge to exploring an underground mine to flying in a Helicopter.  Below are some of the great things we’ve shared together.

15 Random facts

  1. Footy teams – Canterbury Bulldogs (George), Wests Tigers (Shelly).
  2. Guilty pleasure? Chocolate & Slurpees (George), Massages (Shelly).
  3. Holden or Ford?  Ford (George), Holden (Shelly).
  4. We have ‘date night’ once a week.
  5. In our wedding vows George promised to let Shelly watch Home & Away and Neighbours each night and Shelly promised not to annoy George while he’s playing Playstation!
  6. No matter what, whether happy, sad or angry, we kiss each other good night every night.
  7. When we travel, George does 95% of the driving, but Shelly does 95% of the singing!
  8. Early on in our relationship we split up for a year and then got back together again, obviously we were meant to be!
  9. Our dog Gelly was named after the two of us … George & Shelly.
  10. In our younger years we have both been pulled over for drag racing, one of us more lucky than the other with the outcome! (obviously this was in the past with previous vehicles we’ve owned as Prado’s aren’t known for their drag racing abilities!).
  11. George has a habit of testing the fuel economy and fuel empty light of vehicles and we once had to be towed off the F3 motorway after running out of fuel.  Must tell you that we were about 2km from the end of the freeway and a service station!  Not embarrassing at all to be dropped off a tow truck right at the fuel pump!
  12. We’ve been incredibly lucky and have never ever had a flat tyre on either 4WD in all of our trips.
  13. We used to live in a rental property that came complete with its own family of mice, it wasn’t unusual to be sitting in the lounge room and see one wander by!
  14. We have visited every state in Australia, driven across every state border and visited the northern-most, eastern-most and western-most points of the Australian continent.
  15. Our dream (and plan at some stage) is to travel Australia for a year or two and move to Queensland.


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  1. Haha. When we fly to an area to take holiday in, it is always me who has to do most all the driving of the rental car. It would be nice for my wife to relieve me now and again so I could relax and just enjoy the scenery going by.

    • Seems to be a trend here! I (Shelly) do give George a break from driving every now and then, but he normally takes the time to have a little nap, rather than taking in the surroundings! Lucky for me, he does actually enjoy and prefer to do most of the driving.

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