About Us

We are George & Shelly, a married couple from Sydney, Australia. We love 4WDing, camping and travelling our way around Australia. We use this blog and our website to share our adventures while travelling to hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams and get out there and explore our great land. 

We met in 2003 and have spent our time since then exploring our great country. We love to get out of the cities and explore the real outback. It’s a big place out there and we love the remoteness and the people you meet.  Unfortunately work and bills get in the way and we can’t travel full time, but we get out and about as often as possible!  We have extensively traveled NSW & Queensland and have explored many places in Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, but still many more left to explore.

There are so many new adventures waiting out there.  Life is too short to live with regrets ….. so go on …. get out there!

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Join us on our adventures around Australia.


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