Eighty Mile Beach

Last night we stayed at the Eighty Mile Beach caravan park. The campground is situated just behind the sand dunes of Eighty Mile Beach, with our site located right down near the beach.Eighty Mile Beach is renowned for its great fishing and there were plenty of people doing just that! The other thing it’s famous for is its shells, and there certainly isn’t a lack of them, they line the beach in every direction!  As you drive along the beach you can hear them crunching under the tyres and as you stand on the waters edge you are hit with them as the water washes in and out!  It seems that the boys go fishing and the girls collect shells! …. yes we now have a car full of shells!The park is very nice with grassed sites, which is a change for us! Each site is quite large and well marked out, which makes things a lot easier when trying to find your way around (it’s surprising how many parks don’t do this!).

They even supply a wash bay area to hose down the car after being on the beach and an air compressor to pump up your tyres, great idea.Today we are off to Port Hedland.

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